Want to Sell?

Do you want to work with a top Realtor team?

Are you looking for a Realtor team that wants to achieve the results you’re looking for?

Listing a home, is NOT:

  • Sticking a for sale sign in your front yard
  • Taking photos with a smart phone and adding to MLS
  • Having ugly half-colored printed flyers
  • Unanswered questions and phone calls

You DESERVE better!

Selling a home in the Bay Area requires skill, technique, and sophistication. There are many things happening behind the scenes that you won’t see. It’s much like flying an aircraft; you trust the pilot to get you to your destination. As your “captains”, we have landed 1000’s of planes and we ask that you sit back and let us land your home into escrow.

When we LIST your home, we pay attention to every detail and strategically plan & recommend things to help you generate TOP DOLLAR while maintaining integrity in every aspect.

After all the hard work comes the offers! OFFERS start rolling in usually within 7-8 days. If priced correctly, once your home gets an offer it’s not just taking the highest price. It is analyzing all offers, while weighing pros and cons of each. With our background in finance we offer much more knowledge than your standard real estate professionals. We are able to vet each offer with 5 questions that typically allow a transaction to fall out.

We have very little fallout due to the fact that we have qualified each offer. If your home is pending and then somehow goes back on the market because the buyer changed their mind, other buyers may try and undercut your list price. NOT ALWAYS, but sometimes this can work against you when selling a home in the Bay Area. 

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